Shopify Setup Packages

Shopify Setup Packages


  • All features in package YU
  • Add 50 products
  • Multilanguage setup
  • Offers and discounts
  • Making custom code edits that are not in theme
  • Instagram plugin setup settings
  • Delivered in 15-21 days

Starter -yU

  • Free theme setup in Shopify 
  • Customizing and organizing the theme with mobile compliance
  • Connecting your domain to Shopify
  • Adjusting the basic SEO settings that apply to all search engines
  • Add 20 products
  • Company-specific correction of notification mails in Turkish
  • Virtual pos and payment integration setup
  • Adjusting cargo settings 
  • Setting up Legal Agreements specific to the basket screen and adding them to the footer
  • Delivery in 21-30 days


This package is for customers who need special code arrangements and integrations. Here are some Shopify software enhancements we’ve been interested in before:

  • Exact development of the desired sample site or its design
  • Stock integration
  • E-invoice e-archive integration of Paraşüt etc.

***The Bushido philosophy represent the moral path of Samurai. The important thing in Bushido is to do the right things and preserve spiritual values. Three of the seven foundations of this philosophy are GI, JU, and CHU.

Gi (Rectitude and Justice): Making sure that we have the right way when we make a decision. That our decisions are made and basen on the right reasons. Samurai have complete faith in justice.

Yu (Courage): The Samurai feed on epic courage, intelligence, and power. 

Chu (Duty and Loyalty): For the Samurai, doing or saying something means owning it. The Samurai are responsible for this and all the subsequent results.